Cooking Stove Kit

The Cooking Stove Kit is a designated heating solution for disaster-stricken areas. To best serve this purpose, the CSK’s design is cheap to produce and distribute, easy and simple to assemble, and Eco-friendly.


The kit only includes a carton, and little bag of clay powder. Both cost very little, thereby diminishing production outlay and allowing mass production.

Since both parts weigh so little and take up minimal space, mass distribution of kits is possible.


Easy & Quick:

Assembling the stove is a simple and speedy process. Following the few illustrated assembly instructions on the carton, a powerful working stove can easily be created in a matter of minutes!

Using diagrams instead of written instructions makes the CSK accessible to a multinational and uneducated public.


The stove is ready as soon as the short assembly process is completed! No need to wait for the mud to solidify. We even recommend that it be used right away because the fire strengthens and tightens the mud.



Disaster-stricken areas too often experience shortages of drinking water and firewood. To overcome these challenges, the CSK was based on the well-known Rocket Stove concept, characterized by an optimal utilization of kindling.

Thanks to the stove’s structure that creates a constant flow of oxygen, maximum heat is achieved in minimal time, using a minimal amount of fuel. The relative lack of smoke attests to the fire's high quality.


In other words, in order to reach the same temperature in any other configuration of stove, more kindling would have to be burned.

In addition, the optimal exploitation of fuel makes it possible to reach temperatures high enough for cooking with smaller quantities of kindling – quantities with which it would normally not be possible to cook.


Because the stove reaches extremely high temperatures, there is no need to waste precious drinking water when assembling it; standing water, wastewater, and even human and animal urine can be used — those high temperatures would neutralize anything!

Once abandoned, the stove will naturally dissolve and eventually disappear through exposure to wind and rain.