In this project I seek to generate a sinister state- the menace created by an inexplicable suspension of a violent movement that is expected to erupt at any moment.


Perception of reality is unsettled by means of distorting the sense of time, proportion, and space. The cliffhanger effect endlessly streches the anticipation for the eruption, thus manipulates time; proportions are distorted by means of the flies' enormity; space is challenged by the cris cros of lines and strings’ uncertain relation to the flies.

I value the artistic quality and detail of each individual fly, yet ascribe more significance to their function as ensemble members, in constituing the swarm. The flies are carefully orchestrated — arranged in space, in relation to one another — to maximize the potential affect of stored energy and tumutls, as well as creating a sense of compression and mass.

flys-5.jpg לבן.jpg
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