Two Jews bicker in the showers of a concentration camp. One throws a soap on the second Jew. Says the second Jew: "Hey, don’t involve the parents"

In this work, the designer gives a visual, material, and verbal interpretation of a Holocaust joke that moves on the spectrum between the funny and the comic up to the dark and monstrous. Copying parts of his own face, creates surrealistic figurative objects that create a sense of a dream or hallucination or nightmare that is not limited by the chains of reason.

Black humor about the Holocaust is perceived as taboo, lazy and humiliating, but humor is a serious thing, as are the jokes of the Holocaust.

Humor was a psychological defense mechanism that enabled a momentary escape from the horrors and a way of coping with life and death in the concentration camps and ghettos, but beneath the surface, the jokes of the Holocaust became an Israeli phenomenon. Humor that exists in all segments of the population that are forced to deal with the stories of the Holocaust and its consequences, from the second and third generations to the high school students who study this subject, and as an integral and unofficial part of the high school trips to the death camps